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Bikebolts Sportbike Fasteners is a product of Moonlight Engineering, was founded in 2005 and is a family owned and operated business that was created to offer complete fairing fastening solutions for popular sportbike / café race style motorcycles. We are dedicated to providing low cost fastener kits in a high price market. Our kits are designed to make the installation simple with a high quality custom finish. We sell fairing bolt kits and fasteners worldwide.


I've been rebuilding wrecked sport bikes as a hobby for nearly 10 years. After finally getting tired of spending hours and $100’s in hardware stores trying to find the right bolts for installing fairings, I decided to put my purchasing resources to use. By profession and career I am a Mechanical Engineer. As an engineer I have a number of relations with material suppliers. This is how I get my stock!

All of the bolt kits are guaranteed to fit with or in place of the factory hardware. For most bikes they are a big improvement over the steel hardware.

I'm a bit of rider...

I've been riding motorcycles since about the age of 12 years old. After seeing Tom Cruise streak down the side of a runway with a 1985 Ninja 900 in TOP GUN, I just had to have a sportbike. The very first bike I acquired was a sporty little PUCH moped from a generous neighbor after a few lawn jobs. After a few summers on the PUCH, I moved on to a Honda CB350, then finally to an entry level sportbike, the Kawasaki EX500. After the EX, I finally got smart and acquired a Honda CR125 dirtbike. In the dirt I spent time practicing slides, wheelies, endos, and various other maneuvers. From the age of 17 years old to current, I have managed to average about a 10,000 miles of streetbike riding a year. Throughout the years I've owned numerous makes and models of sportbikes, including some of the greats such as the Honda 900RR, Yamaha YZF R1 and Ducati 1098. I've been as fast 170mph on two wheels and as fast as 150mph on just one. I've had my share of tickets for both speed and what I call mild reckless operation (i.e. rolling along on my front wheel). My favorite motorcycling past times include suiting up in the leathers and getting ballistic with smooth curvy country roads, passing high dollar sports cars on one wheel at high rates of speed, and just cruising with my pals on the back roads.

Keep the rubber side down and be defensive...


How Our Fasteners Size-Up to OE
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