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What is the difference between the "Screws Only Kit" and the "Complete Kit"?

The screws only kit consists of just the screws and the washers needed to replace the factory screws and washers. The complete kit includes the screws, washers, speed nuts (as required), well nuts (as required), lock nuts (as required), and push pin rivets (as required).

What color are the screws?

All of the hardware is made from 18-8 stainless steel. Unlike regular steel, stainless steel is not compatible with any type of chemical coating (i.e. anodizing) or paint. Therefore the material/base color is silver which is identifiable with nearly all stainless steels.

What are the colored screws colored with?

The colored screws are color coated with a baked on powder coat enamel that is cured at temperatures ranging from 400°F to 450°F. The coating is extremely resistant to chipping, scratching, or peeling. Only the head of the screws are powder coated to prevent build-up in the thread grooves. The type of powder coat used is known in the industry as a TGIC or (triglycidyl isocyanurate) powder. This powder is commonly used on wheels (automotive & motorcycle), motorcycle frames, and aluminum extrusions. This coating is not indestructible but is far superior to paint and anodizing.

The Chrome is actually a polished stainless steel finish. By polishing the stainless steel screw head to a mirror finish, the finish of the polished stainless steel exceeds the chrome plating shine and includes the superior corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

Are these screws the same as my O.E. screws?

These kits are designed as aftermarket replacements for the original equipment. The hardware is not designed to match the original equipment provided by the manufacture. The objective in each bolt kit design is to achieve an easy to install, easy to maintain kit that provides a factory, professional look. For some models (i.e. Suzuki GSXR), the diameter of the screw heads may be smaller than the OEM screws.

Do these screws have wide heads like my O.E.?

Beginning June 24, 2016 - We've updated all of our kits to have wide head screws. Our wide head screws are custom made for Bikebolts exclusively and are combined with specially designed step washers that allow our screws to match the fitment of O.E. screws. Our step washers provide an O.E. fit with the step and also a cushion against the plastic fairing (unlike O.E.).

Are there any weight advantages with these kits?

Like aircraft, weight and performance go hand in hand with sportbikes. The hardware sold in these kits are standard components that typically utilize less material to do the same job and therefore equals less weight. Many sportbike manufactures use specially designed hardware to fasten fairings and bodywork. BIKEBOLTS utilizes standard type fasteners combined with specially designed washers. For many models, this hardware combination adds up to less weight.

KEY NOTE: The weight savings of any aftermarket fairing screw kit is very minor, if any. So minor in fact that the difference of whether you ate a big dinner or are wearing your boots vs. your gym shoes is likely to have a much larger impact. Trying to save weight on your bike by changing the fairing bolts is like trying to lose weight by getting a hair cut.

Do you offer any military discounts?

Absolutely! Please contact us to request our military discount. (limited to US Military only)

Does Bikebolts ship to my country?

We ship all over the world. If you can receive mail, we can ship to you.

What can I do if my bike isn’t listed?

New bikes are being added all the time. If your bike isn’t listed, make a request for it. If there are requests for a particular model, priority will be made for making the kit available.

What kinds of screws are used in these kits?

Button head stainless steel screws are used throughout these kits. They are all made of 18-8 stainless steel and have a higher resistance to yield than the regular factory steel screws.

What kinds of washers are used in these kits?

There are two kinds of washers used in these kits, stainless steel and nylon. Each washer has its specific application and reason for its use. The nylon washers are typically used whenever the stainless screw makes direct contact with the fairing. The nylon acts as a cushion to help lower the compression forces exerted into the plastic fairing.

What kinds of nuts are used in these kits?

There are three kinds of nuts used in these kits: well nuts, speed nuts and weld nuts. A well nut is identifiable by its all rubber construction molded around a brass insert. The well nuts have been widely used by most sportbike manufactures for past 10 years. Well nuts are typically found holding on windscreens, but manufactures such as Kawasaki frequently used these nuts throughout the entire bike. The speed nuts (often referred to as U-clip nuts) are mostly used to replace the factory speed nuts. However, on many fairings the speed nuts can’t be used in place of the originals and therefore a weld nut is used. A weld nut has a flat flange in which double sided tape is added. These nuts are very easy to use and quick to install. In most cases, a "weld nut" can be used in place of a "well nut". Weld nuts typically cost 1/4th of the cost of a well nut.


There is no warranty available for any of the hardware or kits.

Product Quality

Each fastener and kit under goes condition and quality inspections prior to shipping. If you receive a kit that is not complete or has damaged items, please contact and the missing or damaged item(s) will gladly be replaced.

Local Sales

Bikebolts does not maintain a location you can visit to purchase a kit, all orders are handled online.

Is the payment through Paypal secure?

Just like on Ebay, purchases are made using Paypal. Your personal payment information is handled entirely by Paypal. BIKEBOLTS.COM does not store any payment data. For more information regarding the security of Paypal, please refer to BIKEBOLTS.COM maintains a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate with a capable 256-bit encryption (the level of encryption for any website is directly dependent on the type of browser used and its version. Please make certain that your browser is up to date!).

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